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Overcome variant limits with stitchify

Showcase grouped products to your customers as a as a single, cohesive product automatically by cross referencing stitched products using metafields and tag names.

Surpass variant limits with stitchify

What stitchify solves

Max variant example

Facing challenges with Shopify's restrictive 100-variant limit? Stitchify has got you covered.

Especially tailored for diverse products in categories like:

  • Apparel & Footwear
  • custom Jewelry
  • Home Decor & Furnishings
  • Unique Custom-made Gifts
  • Comprehensive Beauty Products
  • Cersatile Tech Accessories
  • And so much more.

Our innovative approach uses metafields and tags to expertly stitch together products, allowing you to present them as one unified product to your customers.

How stitchify works

  • Stitchify How it Works

    On installation, stitchify creates a list.product_reference on a product level labeled Stitchify Group Products

  • Stitchify How it Works

    Stitchify listens for a product update webhook and then checks the product for stitchify's reserved tag prefix of stitchify_id::

  • Stitchify How it Works

    If the product currently OR previously contained a stitchify_id:: tag, stitchify dynamically updates all products that share one of the tags.

stitchify example

The below example demonstrates the scenario that 3 following products share a tag of stitchify_id::123456

  • Product A

    The Toxic Avenger High Top

    Stitchify Product A
    Stitchify Product A

    Product A will reference Product B and Product C

  • Product B

    The Moon Boot High Top

    Stitchify Product B
    Stitchify Product B

    Product B will reference Product A and Product C

  • Product C

    The Flamingo High Top

    Stitchify How it Works
    Stitchify Product C

    Product C will reference Product A and Product B

stitchify handles all the heavy lifting

You can now use simple liquid syntax to access referenced product data instead of relying on the heavy bloat of client side api requests.


You can use the array of product object data returned from the above liquid code to display all of your grouped data as a single cohesive product. Stitchify makes managing your grouped products a breeze. Simply add or remove a stitchify tag from a product to update and manage any previously grouped products all at once.

stitchify app blocks

Stitchify ships with sevaral configurable app blocks for a development free experience

  • Standard Block

    Stitchify Simple Swatches App Block

    The simple swatches block dynamically renders a list of featured images or color swatches that links to each respective product detail page. This block provides several customizations to fit your shops needs. (Available for Standard and Professional Plans)

  • Advanced Block

    Stitchify Advanced Block

    Available for Professional Plans only. With the Pro plan, the block has additional features to allow for asynchronous loading of grouped product data to create a seamless experience for your shoppers.

Additional features and app blocks coming soon

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Pricing Plans

  • Standard

    $0 - Month

    App usage charges apply (10 cents per cloud task)

    • 10 Free Task Credits for Trial
    • Only Pay for what you use
    • 10 cents per completed cloud task
    • $200 capped spending limit monthly

    Spending limit can be adjusted as needed by shop owner. Standard plan comes with 10 free tasks for trial period. Updating, removing, or adding a stitchify_id::xxx to a product triggers a task. Ex: 200 grouped products equals $20

  • Professional

    $39 - Month

    App usage charges apply (5 cents per cloud task)

    • Access to Premium App Blocks
    • Discounted task cost
    • 5 cents per completed cloud task
    • $500 capped spending limit monthly

    Spending limit can be adjusted as needed by shop owner. Ideal for shops with larger product counts. Updating, removing, or adding a stitchify_id::xxx to a product triggers a task. Ex: 200 grouped products equals $10


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Frequenty asked questions

How does stitchify handle rate limits?

Stitchify creates a "Task Queue" instance for every shop install. The Task Queue helps to prevent any issues with rate limits by controlling how many requests are made to Shopify.

Why don't I see metafield values update without refreshing my product detail admin page?

After updating a product stitchify_id::xxx tag name, a webhook is fired on product update. Shopify currently does not provide a way to asychronously update the group products metafield. Refresh your admin pdp page in the browser to see the updated metafield values appear.

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